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Safe and Sound: PT&A Makes Time for Safety Day

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Safety advocates all. Pronove Tai & Associates joined fellow service providers to celebrate Shell Safety Day with Ms. Oying Yam (VP for Retail) and Ms. Arlyn Gamab (Network Delivery Manager)

A chronic state of unease.

A loaded phrase that underlined Pronove Tai & Associates' (PT&A) presentations at the recently held 2013 Shell Safety Day last June 19 at MetroWalk, Pasig. Gelo Cristobal, manager for Property Portfolio Management, aptly described it as a safety and preparedness mind-set wherein one habitually takes stock and assesses the surroundings for risks and hidden dangers. Together with the estimated 250 guests, PT&A participated in what was to be the first well attended Shell Safety Day with Shell's Oying Yam (VP for Retail) and Arlyn Gamab (Network Delivery Manager) providing the warm welcome to all the attendees.

This year's theme "Time For Safety" reanimates Shell's Commitment and Policy on Health, Safety, Security and the Environment (HSSE) among its internal stakeholders by reminding contractors and suppliers to make time to do their work safely. A Shell Safety Day focuses everyone on the journey and challenges towards achieving Goal Zero. Since the launch of the Goal Zero Programme in 2007, managing safety became top priority across all Shell's business processes and relationships. Pronove Tai & Associates shares this goal with Shell by including the safety paradigm in key performance indicators in the conduct of its business.

Highlighting the event were the guests' different 'cameos' of the HSSE journey presented at the poster competition, photo contest and acting competition. The event program also included candid and insightful sharing of experiences that broadened the participants' understanding of HSSE as it is applied in many other contexts. Pronove Tai & Associates shared their own experiences on the risks of daily commute and poor lifestyle choices; and how these were addressed by following a journey management plan and by making healthier choices everyday. Lai Brondial of PT&A gave the event a 'two thumbs up', "This Safety Day is different in that it was the first time we were able to spend time with other Shell partners. It was interesting to see how Shell's commitment to safety affects all of us across the board no matter what kind of work we do for Shell. I realized that may it be construction work or office work, safety truly is our license to operate."

After the event, PT&A visited several sites to engage with locators in sharing their own experiences on safety. Pronove Tai facilitated separate discussions with the staff and crew of Jollibee and McDonald's; industry giants with their own high standards of safety. Although there were still lessons to be learnt, shared learnings and unique approaches only strengthen and enrich the safety culture. Shell's rigorous promotion and application of Goal Zero benefit not only companies they work with but the personal well-being of all employees as well. Every which way one looks, inculcating a safety habit or as PT&A succinctly puts it a 'chronic state of unease' is really sound advice for everyone who cares about the quality of life.