Corporate Social Responsibility

Pronove Tai forges strong partnership with UTi to rebuild and support school communities in Cebu

Education and Youth Awareness


Monique Cornelio-Pronove, CEO of Pronove Tai and Kitty Teo, Country Manager of UTi - Global Logistics Provider travelled from Manila to Cebu to reach ravaged schools by Typhoon Yolanda where they both kept a promise to rebuild. For Monique Pronove, it was an opportunity to deliver tools of learning, books and pencils generously donated by Pronove Tai’s CSR partners including families from the Ayala Southvale Village community.


AMSPEC, a manufacturer, distributor and exporter of pencils, crayons and ballpens in the Philippines turned over 2M pencils to Pronove Tai to help in the rebuilding and restocking of school libraries in Cebu and Leyte, and to support De La Salle Zobel’s outreach drive as well. UTi Global Logistics Inc., offered to help by picking up 580 boxes of the 2M pencils from the AMSPEC warehouse and store these boxes until they are all donated to Pronove Tai-assisted schools.

During the inauguration of the new school buildings of Hagnaya Elementary School and Central Bogo Public School, both funded by UTi Global Logistics Inc., Monique Pronove and Kitty Teo met with school officials and mingled with students, listening to their stories of hope and struggle. The principals and teachers expressed their gratitude for having received the twin blessings of a new structure for the school community and more resources to support student learning. Indeed, the strong partnership between Pronove Tai and UTi in collaboration with PAL Foundation has made this travel to Cebu all worthwhile and a powerful experience in positive change.