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Pilipinas Shell goes digital with Pronove Tai

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Now that Metro Manila reached new heights in digital advertising, it is strikingly powerful on a new level and gives advertisers extensive opportunities for product promotion. An LED video display makes it possible to use graphic video clips in messages, attracting the attention of the target audience more effectively than with static images. A higher quality of information delivery to customers by an LED video screen increases the efficiency of advertisement. This helps make the content more appealing. The content is received, absorbed and memorized more easily. It can deliver several campaigns to customers at the same time, earning more advertising revenue than static boards in the same place, over the same period of time.

Pilipinas Shell, through the efforts of its real estate service partner, Pronove Tai and the out-of-home media operator, Bigboard is set to welcome its first ever LED billboard at its EDSA Heritage station.

Shell is the largest single-branded fuel retail network in the world. Pronove Tai is the only 100% Filipino-owned professional real estate services firm in the Philippines specializing in Tenant Representation, research and consulting services. - Paula Queano

(Photo: L-R Pronove Tai Property Management Account Manager, Regine Fabia, Pronove Tai CEO, Monique Cornelio Pronove, Head of Shell Philippines Retail Property Portfolio, John Rodriguez and Pronove Tai Head of Property Management, Gelo Cristobal)